Electronic Design

With 25 years of experience, electronic circuitry is at the heart of everything we do. We use Cadence Orcad and Allegro packaging to design boards up to 25 layers with ultra fine pitch components and buried vias.

Our primary areas of expertise are video processing circuitry and man machine interface devices. We also specialize in:

  • Wireless monitoring products
  • System Processing Boards
  • PCI Interface Boards
  • AGP Graphic Controllers 

Mechanical Design

Every product requires some sort of enclosure; in order to support our customer needs we have in-house mechanical design and engineering capabilities. We use Solidworks and create 3D models for all of the products we manufacture. For the past 25 years, we have worked with several industrial design firms to help with the creation of attractive and functional products.

Our mechanical projects have run the gamut from simple sheet metal mounting brackets to complex injection-molded plastic housings requiring five separate machined stainless steel tools.

Firmware Development

Firmware is the primary component of most modern electronic systems. We have been developing firmware since the inception of Touchstone in 1982 and we are proud of our strong capabilities in this area. Our primary programming development language is C for small-embedded systems (8 bit) and C++ for more complex systems. However, we are capable of working in assembly language and other languages, such as PHP, for a specific project.

Projects we have completed range from embedded keyboard controllers to high volume multi-threaded cloud based server systems (web serving and data tracking).

Design for Manufacturing

Manufacturing process requirements are taken into account from the earliest point of the design process. By reducing the number of interconnects and fasteners, we can effectively minimize the cost and time it takes to assemble a product. We also include testing in our DFM methodology and include easily accessible test ports and firmware self tests to quickly ensure the product is completely functional. The final portion of our DFM process is to design custom packaging (preferable reusable) to make sure the product gets to the customer safely and securely.

Compliance Engineering

Typically our products require approval from various safety agencies (Intertek, UL, CSA, TUV, FCC, FAA) and we take these requirements into account from the original concept phases of the design. By incorporating these requirements early on, we ensure that regulatory approvals are achieved as quickly as possible. We also work closely with several independent compliance labs and can manage the entire process for our customers.

Material Sourcing

Over the years, we have invested heavily in our material sourcing capabilities. Our primary sourcing office is located in Taipei, Taiwan, where we have a purchasing and engineering staff. This allows us to verify the capabilities of overseas sources and locate the best component of supply for the various products we manufacture. From this office we are able to do quality inspections on components before they are shipped to the United States, which allows us to catch material problems weeks before they would be normally detected during incoming inspection.


Most of our products are manufactured at our facility in Rochester, NY. This allows us to ensure that the quality requirements of our customers are fully met. Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Fine pitch Surface mount assembly
  • Through hole assembly
  • Cable prototyping
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Testing, inspection and packaging

We have organized our factory for cellular manufacturing, which allows us the most flexibility for building products. We design the products we are building, which provides a seamless transition from engineering to the manufacturing phases of the products life cycle.

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Touchstone Technology has many in house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Learn more.



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Touchstone Technology has many in house design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities.

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