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About Touchstone Technology.

Touchstone Technology was founded in 1982 in order to provide keyboards and other user interface equipment to the new and growing personal computer market. Over the next 30 years we have expanded and grown to provide a wide variety of products.

One constant has been our desire and ability to advance and improve upon our capabilities. Our earlier products started with the then new 8 bit microcontrollers and have now advanced to high performance video signal processing systems. In all cases the impetus for this was customer need.

We are widely known as a very innovative company. We have designed products ranging from keyboards for air traffic control to video overlay systems for casino gaming. Along the way, our manufacturing capabilities have kept pace as well. For example, in 1982, we were only capable of producing single sided through-hole printed circuit boards. Now we produce double-sided surface mount circuit boards with parts as small as two tenths of a millimeter by one tenth of a millimeter.

One area we have constantly worked on is our information and planning systems. Like most companies, we use outside MRP/ERP packages but we have also developed unique quoting and planning systems. These tools allow us to deliver products faster and more cost effectively.

Why Touchstone Technology.

Most companies tend to stick with “Well that is the way we used to do it” and only change when reluctantly forced to. We do not take this approach. The electronics industry is constantly changing probably more quickly than any other industry. If you want to be successful, you need to develop new technologies and ways of doing things.

In the past ten years, Touchstone Technology has embraced a more global perspective to our business. We have customers and suppliers all around the world. You need to have a global presence in order to provide the best products and have access to the latest design innovations whether they come from Shenzhen, Taipei, Milan or Munich.

Designing and manufacturing successful products should be an enjoyable activity. We look forward to working with you to innovate on your product needs.



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